Community Project Collaboration

NLB is an up and coming contributor in the education of coding and robotics in Singapore, through the facilities and curriculum offered at the NLB library makerspaces – PIXEL Labs. As part of the Digital Readiness blueprint, the Labs are working to be a social levelling space where the learning of new emerging skillsets such as programming and robotics are open to all.

During MakeX 2018, it was observed that the participants of the competition were limited to schools which had a strong robotics programme. Without the school’s support, it is unlikely that students from other schools will get an opportunity to participate.

Polaris Ltd, official distributor of MakeBlock mbots, which are the robotic kits used in MakeX, is proposing to partner with NLB to create opportunities for any student to learn the fundamentals of robotics and join the upcoming MakeX Competition at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) on 14th of September 2019.

The main objective of this collaboration is to assist the low-income families and under privilege kids to alleviate the costs for the competition. Partnering on this project would be a great way to engage more students on this exciting new field of science and technology.

In order to assist and play some part in social levelling as well as in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility, Polaris shall absorb the registration fee of $50 per team for these group of participants.