2020 MakeX Robotics Competition

Theme: Housework Helper

When it comes to doing housework, what do you think of? Smelly garbage? Messy beds? Or the dirty dishes and clothes that you have to finish every day? The division of household chores often results in unpleasant family quarrels. Obviously, the dream of life is that every time you get home, everything is well-packed, but the reality is always disappointing!
Fortunately, with the fast technology development, there are many electric appliances that help to free your hands from housework, such as washing machines, sweeping robots, microwave ovens and so on. Now it’s your turn to be the inventor in life, open your minds and save your parents, brothers, sisters and yourself from the tedious chores!

The theme of 2020 MakeX Spark Online Competition match is Housework Helper, please work on this theme, build efficient projects to free the hands of your family. Your creations may also benefit lots of people!

The competition will be opened to below requirement:

International Spark Competition – (Primary School) One member per team $25

(1) Elementary Group (6 to 9 years old)

(2) Intermediate Group (10 to 13 years old)

Singapore National Competition – (Secondary School) Two members per team $40

(1) Sec 1 to Sec 4 (13 to 16 years old)

Online Submission Procedure

MakeX Spark focuses on interdisciplinary learning, emphasize the interconnectedness of theoretical knowledge and the real world, and encourage contestants to take the initiative to understand the real problems and try to solve problems in different ways. The following is the recommended procedure. Each contestant should get adequate preparation and in-depth exploration, fully investigate the background or real situation of the problem, collect information, generate and test possible solutions, analysis and evaluate results.

International Spark Competition: https://spark.makex.io/spark-2/         Singapore National competition: https://forms.gle/yY6VucAjioJqRhNV6