MakeX History

2021 Singapore National
MakeX Spark Online Competition
[Family Care]

Singapore National Competition 2021
As the Covid-19 restrictions continue, many face-to-face robotic and coding competition are cancelled.
Our potential school students do not have a chance to show what they have learn.
MakeX Spark Online Competition have provided them the opportunity to practice and enhance what they have learnt in coding.
Based on the theme for year 2021 , students have built efficient projects for passing love and care.
This allow students to get a comprehensive development by using real-world problems and demonstrating it to others. 
Prizes & Awards
Excellent Mentor:
  • Jimmy Hoon
Excellent Organization:
  • Sparklife
<Elementary Group>
Young All-Rounder:
  • Woon Seng Hong & Andre Ho Hong Ming — Xinmin Secondary School, ALZ Care
  • Zavier Wong — The Smartramp
  • Rameshkumar Srivikash — Eld-Buddy
Young Designer:
  • Jaedon Su Qii Ern — MakeX 2021 Code
  • Julian Tan — MakeX-Remix
  • Xu Letian Victor — Smart Home
  • Asher Lo Ye Jun — MakeX 2021 Guardian
  • Aaden Lim Guan Sheng — Help Save Grandmas and Grandpas
Young Innovator:
  • Prahaaladh Venkatesh — Medbot MakeX 2021 Duinocode
  • Paul Chia — Fish Feeder
  • Theodore Nguyen — Dirty Floor Reminder
  • Zander Cheah — Problem with Dry Skin
  • Dhruv — Joro
Young Engineer:
  • Rameshkumar Srivikash — Eld-Buddy
  • Oliver Choy Ken Jin & Trevor Choy Ken Rei — Mask Crusader
  • Javen Poh — The Reminder
  • Ng Junfu Aden — Tired Then Fun
  • Lim Keng Sean — Weather Bot
Best Demonstration:
  • Sanjith — Covid-19 Test Assistant
  • Zavier Wong — The Smartramp
  • Ng Zi Tao & Lew Qi Shen — Grabfood
  • Zedane Lim Guan Yong — Medicine Dispenser
  • Chong Bing Joon & Lay Jun Yu — A Professional Home Farm
<Intermediate Group>
Young Designer:
  • Gladwin Ng Yan Gin — Team Gladwin
  • Arish Syed Ali & Yong Hon Zhi — Medicine Dispenser
  • Isaac Teo & Keith Tan — The Washing Tree
Young Innovator:
  • Woon Seng Hong & Andre Ho Hong Ming — ALZ Care
  • Sun Luke & Ashton Teo En Hao — Caring Monster
  • Laurent Low Le Hong & Sim Poh Siang — Transmitless Transmittor (By APPtitude)
Young Engineer:
  • Apple Dusk & Wang Yi Fei — Robot Cat
  • Rayken Chan — TT1
  • Shang Yi Hong Esmond — Lock1
Best Demonstration:
  • Tang Kai Wen & Tan Jun Meng — Security Alarm (By OnlyWs)
  • Saran Barathi & PG Giri Nevaas — Excellent Era
  • Srinivasan Prajavin & Zach Anugrah Chu — Falconite

MakeX Spark Online Competition 2020

Singapore National Competition
Due to the covid-19 restriction, many face-to-face robotic and coding competition are cancelled, our secondary school students do not have a chance to show what they have learn. This online Spark competition will give them the opportunity to practice and enhance what they learn in coding.
Champion: XIN-AID from Xinmin Secondary School, Mentor: Lee Foo Yong
1st Runner-up: GMSS2 from Geylang Methodist Secondary School, Mentor: Herman Neo
2nd Runner-up: GMSS1 from Geylang Methodist Secondary School, Mentor: Herman Neo
Young Designer: Team GMSS2
Best Research: Team R.F
Best Creativity: Team XIN-AID
Best Demonstration: Team XIN-AID
International Spark Competition
Over 25 countries have joined MakeX Spark and contributed 150+ impressive projects, team Singapore has won recognition on the international stage as below:
Excellent Mentor: Koh Choon Chuan, Herman Neo
Excellent Organization: EP-Tec Solution Pte Ltd, DuinoCode
*Elementary Group*
Young Engineer: Elijah Wong Syun Yi, Dayene Wong, Victor Xu
Best Creativity: Kyler Tan
Best Demonstration: Yong Zhan Yi, Ethan Lim
*Intermediate Group*
Young Engineer: Aaden Lim, Wang Shuxi Emma, Royston Wong, Nicholas Chan, Prahaaladh Venkatesh, Esha Saro Muthiah, Zedane Lim
Best Creativity: Shermane Goh, Benjamin, Jai Bahdur Gurung, Chan Xin Loong
Best Demonstration: Ritesh Sathiyamoorthi, Prahaaladh Venkatesh

MakeX SG Robotics Competition 2019

MakeX SG Robotics Competition 2019 has been held successfully in Our Tampines Hub on 14th September. 2019 MakeX Robotics Competition featured the theme City Lights. Everyday our cities are confronted with various problem: poverty, pollution, safety and disease. Teenagers are the stewards of the future of the world, we need to encourage and guide them to look for the light of technology to deal problems. MakeX SG Robotics Competition 2019 featured Two themed events:

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people between 6 to 16 years old, its theme of 2019 season is City Guardian.

MakeX Challenge is a confrontational competition for young people between 11 to 18 years old, its theme of 2019 season is Courageous Traveler.

MakeX SG winning teams from School of Science and Technology, Singapore & Xinmin Secondary School represented Singapore to GuangZhou, China for the MakeX World Championship 2019

MakeX World Championship 2019

2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship has been held successfully in Guangzhou Asian Games Town Gymnasium from 28th November to 1st December. This year we witnessed thousands of contestants, mentors, parents participated and enjoyed in this robotics feast for youngsters. We are beyond pleasant to announce that it is an extraordinary achievement for us to draw a perfect full stop for the 2019 MakeX World Championship.

MakeX World Championship made its second show in Guangzhou with an unprecedented scale. This season we welcomed more than 450 teams consist of 2500+ students and mentors from over 60 countries competing on this unrivalled stage. Basing on the spirit of creativity, fun, teamwork, sharing, our young contestants has genuinely defined that MakeX is more than a robotics competition but also a learning platform without restrictions and boarders. On top of these data, we have attracted thousands of audience to the scene for the wonderful watch and covered around 35.5 thousands of viewers on LIVE. It is explicit that we have promoted MakeX into an international, broad-based, appealing robotics competition this year!